Silver Hematite Bracelet 8mm

$ 38.00

Silver Hematite is effective at grounding and protecting. It harmonizes mind, body, and spirit. This stone has a strong yang element and balances the meridians redressing yin imbalances. It dissolves negativity and prevents negative energies from entering the aura, restoring peace and harmony to the body. It supports women and boosts self-esteem. It stimulates concentration and focus, and enhances memory and original thought.

Chakra: Root

8mm AAA Grade Silver Hematite Beads and 1 Sterling Silver Barrel Mantra bead 8mm round Mantra bead on Strong elastic cord.

Each bracelet comes in a Snow + Ink Logo bag

X-Small 6 inch/SS Round Mantra Bead
Small: 6 1/2 inch/SS Round Mantra Bead
Medium: 7 inch/SS Round Mantra Bead (Men's Small Wrist) 
Large: 7 1/2 inch/SS Barrel Mantra Bead (Men's Average Wrist)
X-Large: 8 inch/SS Barrel Mantra Bead

X- Large
Silver Hematite Bracelet 8mm

Silver Hematite Bracelet 8mm

$ 38.00