Words and music have been the path that I have followed for most of my life. It is what led me to this place here by the ocean, in a canyon beneath towering Redwood Trees. 
My music life began when I was 19. I was a young single mom, raising a child and holding onto a dream. I met the artist Prince in the winter of '87. Together we recorded a poetry record for me titled, May 19,1992. It was released on his label Paisley Park. I also appeared on his Lovesexy album and was credited as, "The Spirit Child". Later I was given the role of Aura in his film Graffiti Bridge and it was during the filming of that movie that I met Lenny Kravitz and went into the studio with him where we wrote 'Justify My Love' which became a major hit for Madonna. I have continued to write and record music over the years, releasing three more albums independently.
In the fall of 2019, I left New Hampshire and moved to Big Sur, California for a change of scenery. I had high hopes of getting inspired and starting a new recording project. The pandemic hit and it was just me and my two fur babies. I decided then to focus on my dream of creating a brand called Snow + Ink. I got to work learning how to make all of the things you see here in this shop. A lot of the things I make center around light. I live beneath a canopy of tall trees and so I have become a light seeker.

Everything I make, I make with love. I use the finest materials. I spent a year with trial and error and finally, I am ready to share my creations with you.

Love + Light 

ingrid xx


I wish that there were no strings that led you to me

only that I was a pinhole of light

that you happened upon one night

snow and ink