A Flutter and Some Words (Compact Disc)

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'A Flutter and Some Words' CD

Ingrid Chavez's critically acclaimed sophomore release featuring the single "By the Water".

Release date January 26, 2010

Ten Windows Records


1. Wing of a Bird

2. Mine

3. Exhale

4. A Flutter and Some Words

5. The First Darshan (Song for Ameera)

6. Back Roads

7. By the Water

8. Path of Rain

9. Returning to Seed

10. Tightrope

11. No Goodbyes

12. Terrible Woman

13. Isobel

14. A Flutter Coda

A Flutter and Some Words is an elegant confessional about spiritual completeness and bonds, about relationships and romance, and about profound moments of ecstasy and sorrow. 'Flutter' captures the rebirth of a woman and artist rediscovered in an organic evolution with a perfect stranger. The initially abstract music of Lorenzo Scopelliti (a.k.a. Saffron Wood) and the ethereal sound sculpting of producer and engineer Alessandro Mazzitelli sent Ingrid’s imagination on a journey of introspection, reflection and daydreaming. She reminisces on a road trip across the flatlands and mountains of America en route to her family’s inaugural encounter with their spiritual teacher Ammachi on the spoken piece “The First Darshan (Song for Ameera).”She muses upon the blush of new love on “Mine” and “A Flutter and Some Words” (her one outside collaboration with former Skyfish band mate Richard Werbowenko), and of a sensual baptism in 'By the Water.' She also paints shamelessly naked portraits of herself in 'Back Roads' and 'Terrible Woman.' And she shares about the blessing of a man and a woman finding a way to fall apart gracefully in the bittersweet 'No Goodbyes.' 

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A Flutter and Some Words (Compact Disc)

A Flutter and Some Words (Compact Disc)

$ 25.00