Redwood Forest Signature Candle

$ 46.00

Introducing Redwood Forest by Snow + Ink: Revel in the Majesty of Nature's Tapestry.

Step into the enchanting embrace of nature's grandeur with Redwood Forest, the signature candle by Snow + Ink. This captivating fragrance is a poetic ode to the majestic redwoods of Big Sur, where the essence of towering trees, the warmth of amber, and the vibrant spirit of California poppy converge. It's a scent that transports you to the heart of an ancient forest, where the aroma of pine needles mingle with the earthy notes of patchouli, evoking the timeless beauty of the Redwood Forest.

Fragrance Notes:

Top Notes - A Forest Canopy Awakening:

  • Pine Needle
  • Wild Laurel

Heart Notes - A Floral Symphony with Earthy Undertones:

  • California Poppy.
  • Patchouli

Base Notes - The Majestic Redwoods and Amber Glow:

  • Redwood.
  • Vanilla Amber
  • Tree Sap

Let Redwood Forest illuminate your space with the enchanting aroma of the wild, inviting you to embark on an aromatic journey that is both grounding and uplifting. Experience the magic of the forest, captured in a signature candle that brings the beauty of the Redwood Forest into your home, one fragrant note at a time.

All natural, vegan, and nontoxic coco-apricot creme wax
Fine Fragrance Oils
Double Cotton Wick
12 ounces with approx. 80 hours of burn time

Redwood Forest Signature Candle

Redwood Forest Signature Candle

$ 46.00