Memories Of Flying Candle

$ 50.00

Memories Of Flying Candle is the newest offering from our scented candle line. These candles are crystal + flower-infused and made with luxury coco-apricot wax with a wooden wick. We have three different scents to choose from.

When you have finished enjoying the lovely scent and long life of your candle, your MOF cup can become part of your morning routine sipping, your favorite tea or coffee.

Each candle comes with a Memories Of Flying magnet.

Lavender + Sage + Musk infused with amethyst + lavender buds

Lemon + Lilac + Juniper infused with citrine + Chamomile flowers 

Plum + Black Rose + Patchouli infused with rose quartz + rose petals

12 oz cup with 10 oz Candle hand poured by Ingrid Chavez

Memories Of Flying is Ingrid Chavez's third solo album, available wherever you stream your music.

Lavender + Sage + Musk
Plum + Black Rose + Patchouli
Lemon + Lilac + Junipe
Memories Of Flying Candle

Memories Of Flying Candle

$ 50.00