Silver LUXA - Design Your Own Candle

$ 36.00

Pick Your Scent, Pick Your Wick

Our LUXA vessel is what you get when you fuse elegance and style. The shiny finish catches your attention, and the vivid colors reflect your personality.

10oz. All natural, vegan, and nontoxic coco-apricot creme wax.

Custom Candles take two weeks to ship, so order your candles early for Christmas!

You also have the option of creating a label with a personalized message and gift wrapping.

Available Scents:

Bayberry + Fir Tree (Holiday)
Top: Fir Needle
Heart: Bayberry
Base: Crushed Pinecone

Gilded Rose + Spruce (Holiday)
Top: Lemon Rind 
Heart: White Rose + Blue Spruce
Base: Patchouli + Canadian Fir Needle

Brandied Cherry + Exotic Woods (Holiday)
Top: Cherries
Heart: Aged Brandy
Base: Patchouli + Spiced Cedar

Frankincense + Myrrh (Holiday)
Top: Camphor
Heart: Clove
Base: Frankincense + Myrrh

Sage + Lavender:
Top: Lavender
Heart: Sage
Base: White Woods

Lemon Tangerine Dream
Top: Orange
Heart: Lemon
Base: Vanilla + Sandalwood

Sea Salt + Orchid
Top: Fresh Orchid
Heart: Sea Salt
Base: Ozone + Tonka

Amber + Oud
Top: Black Pepper
Heart: Leathered Rose + Patchouli
Base: Musk + Black Oud

Dahlia + Sandalwood
Top: Dahlia
Heart: Muguet
Base: Sandalwood + Warm Amber

Honey Bourbon:
Top: Honey
Heart: Bourbon
Base: Brown Sugar + Tobacco

Smoked Cedar + Oud
Top: clove + Pepper
Heart: Oud + Smoke
Base: Vetiver + Patchouli


Silver  LUXA - Design Your Own Candle

Silver LUXA - Design Your Own Candle

$ 36.00