Thank you for stopping in and checking out the new site and all of the new items I have to offer. I have been a busy bee this past year, dreaming up new ways to connect with you and to offer products that enhance your daily life. I live in a canyon surrounded by tall redwood trees and a short walk to the ocean. This is where my inspiration is born these days.

 I am a light seeker.

An important part of my life here is having a morning ritual. I wake up early, arriving at my seat at the altar, I light a candle and prepare the space for meditation. I begin by clearing any negative energy lingering from the day before or from that nights dreams with the smoke of White Sage and then I invite harmony and positive energy in with the smoke from the holy wood of the mystical Palo Santo tree. Another important part of my morning routine and energy clearing is journaling, writing out any negative thoughts and feelings and setting my intentions for the day ahead. 

Most everything I have to offer here, be it words, images or products is to inspire you and help you find your own way to spiritual and emotional wellness.

Your path is unique to you.

I hope to make this a space that you return to regularly to find beauty, knowledge and inspiration. 

From my heart to yours,

Ingrid x