Black Eskimo - Deep & Heady (CD)

$ 18.00

Black Eskimo "Deep & Heady" Digipak CD 

'Deep & Heady' is the debut album by electronic music duo Black Eskimo. Ingrid Chavez's unique style of spoken word sits in the pocket of Chicago-born Marco Valentin's gritty urban beats creating a sound that is all their own.

The front and back panels feature original artwork by Ingrid Chavez. CD comes in a 4-panel Digipak with an 8-page booklet. 


1. Deep & Heady

2. My Sky

3. Escapology

4. Hangover

5. Beautiful

6. Touch

7. My Love's a 45

8. Ride

9. Spread Your Wings

10. I'm On

11. Black & Blue

12. Writing it Down

All songs written and produced by Ingrid Chavez and Marco Valentin  

Original release date November 25, 2013 on Ten Windows Records  

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Black Eskimo - Deep & Heady (CD)

Black Eskimo - Deep & Heady (CD)

$ 18.00