Matte Onyx + Hematite Bracelet

$ 45.00

Onyx and Hematite are gemstones associated with various spiritual and health benefits in different cultures and belief systems.


  • Believed to provide strength and support during difficult times
  • Considered to help with decision-making and release negative emotions
  • Thought to promote feelings of stability and grounding


  • Known for its grounding and balancing properties, it is often used in meditation to enhance focus and stability
  • Believed to have healing properties, including promoting iron absorption and increasing blood circulation
  • Thought to dispel negative energy and protect against electromagnetic pollution
  • Considered to bring a sense of calm and balance to the wearer.

8mm Matte Onyx gemstone bracelet with three Hematite beads and one Sterling Silver Mantra bead.

Each bracelet comes in a Snow + Ink Logo Bag.

Small: 6 1/2 inch/SS Round Mantra Bead
Medium: 7 inch/SS Round Mantra Bead (Men's Small Wrist) 
Large: 7 1/2 inch/SS Barrel Mantra Bead (Men's Average Wrist)
X-Large: 8 inch/SS Barrel Mantra Bead

Extra Large
Matte Onyx + Hematite Bracelet

Matte Onyx + Hematite Bracelet

$ 45.00