Throat Chakra Light Catcher

$ 50.00

(Vishuddha) 5th Chakra

Has much to do with our true, authentic voice, where faith and understanding combine. Located at the front of the base of the neck, at the hollow of the collarbone.

  • Color : Light Blue

  • Element : Sound

  • Affirmation : I speak

  • Crystals : Blue Kyanite - Aquamarine - Sodalite - Lapis Lazuli

  • Essential Oils : Frankincense - Rosemary - Lavender

Aquamarine + Blue Kyanite + Sodalite + Lapis Lazuli + Swarovski Crystals + Vishuddha Charm or Heart Charm On Vintage Swarovski chain or Aqua 30MM Crystal Ball or 30MM Asfour Clear Crystal Ball

Aqua Crystal
Clear Crystal
Throat Chakra Light Catcher

Throat Chakra Light Catcher

$ 50.00