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Heart Chakra Light Catcher

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(Anahata) Fourth Chakra

Holds our connection to both the physical and the spiritual aspects of ourselves. Because it is at the pivotal location - connecting the physical and the spiritual chakras - it is how we get in touch with our higher self in relation to the rest of the world and even the universe. Located at the center of your chest.

  • Color : Green

  • Element : Air

  • Affirmation : I love

  • Crystals : Rose Quartz - Green Jade - Green Calcite - Aventurine - Green Kyanite

  • Essential Oils : Rose - Geranium - Neroli - Bergamot - Lavender - Lemon Balm - Ylang Ylang

Rose Quartz + Green Jade + Aventurine + Swarovski Crystals + Anahata Charm On Vintage Swarovski chain or Green 30MM Crystal Ball or 30MM Asfour Clear Crystal Ball

Green Crystal
Clear Crystal
Green Crystal with Heart Charm

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Heart Chakra Light Catcher

Heart Chakra Light Catcher

$ 50.00