Azurite Bracelet 8mm

$ 35.00

Azurite is a stone that activates and unlocks our third eye and crown chakras, linking the two. It's known for being one of the best stones for accessing our own psychic abilities. It can assist you with lucid dreaming, astral projection, intuitive meditation, insight, and inner vision. Azurite can help enhance your dreams and decode their imagery. Azurite will raise one's mental awareness, intellect, and wisdom. It is the perfect stone for cleansing and purging of negativity within the body. Azurite brings clarity, which can help eliminate negative thoughts, bad habits, and even addictions.

Chakra: Third Eye and Crown

6mm Azurite Beads and Sterling Silver Star Barrel bead on strong elastic cord.

Each bracelet comes in a Snow + Ink Logo bag

X-Small 6 inch/SS Round Mantra Bead
Small: 6 1/2 inch/SS Round Mantra Bead
Medium: 7 inch/SS Round Mantra Bead (Men's Small Wrist) 
Large: 7 1/2 inch/SS Round Mantra Bead (Men's Average Wrist)
X-Large: 8 inch/SS Round Mantra Bead

Azurite Bracelet 8mm

Azurite Bracelet 8mm

$ 35.00