Snow + Ink Luxury Candles

What is a Luxury candle and why would you want to spend the extra money on one?

Like anything that we are wiling to spend extra money on, we want to have an experience. We want to be transported, elevated.

Creating these Snow + Ink candles for me is time spent dreaming about an experience that I wish to have for myself first of all. The search for all of the pieces that bring that dream alive is a journey. My candles are a labor of love and in that product made with love, the exchange from me to you is a shared experience.

This is what I am bringing to people with my candles. First of all, I love making them. For most of my life, I have considered myself a song writer. A collection of songs become an album. That is my approach to candles. Just like I would never make the same album over and over, I am not a factory and can create different candle collections, rolling with my inspiration as it comes. 

Every part of a Snow + Ink  candle is of the highest quality. I hand pour each candle myself and set all of the crystals. I use vegan coco apricot wax and wooden wicks. Each candle melts really clean and even, and gives you many hours of burn time. I use luxury fragrance oils creating a wonderful scent throw hot and cold. The wax is so soft that when the candle is burned down, you can take out the crystals, wipe out the vessel and reuse it.

No matter what I create and put out into the world, I want to give you an experience, be it through music, jewelry or candles it will always be from the heart.

Thank you for supporting my small business, I know there are many choices out there. I am truly grateful

Ingrid x


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