All of the good stuff, and none of the bad!

Snow + Ink candles are:


Vegan products contain no animal products or animal-derived ingredients. 


Various categories of toxins can pose adverse health effects from exposure. We're proud to say that our products do not contain reproductive, acute or organ toxins. 


Phthalates are little scent carriers that help scents linger longer. Some types of phthalates have affected the reproductive system of laboratory animals. We ain't about that, so none of my fragrances contain phthalates.


Chemicals or physical agents that can change our genetic makeup in a harmful way? Exposure to mutagens can produce DNA mutations that contribute to disease, that's why none of my products contain them.


I do not & will not participate in harming animals. All of Snow + Inks products are cruelty-free.


Ingredients on the California Prop 65 list are are known to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm - no thanks.

None of my fragrances require Prop 65 labeling.

So you can rest assured, when you burn Snow + Ink Candles, nothing harmful to you or your family is going into your home.

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